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What Have We Funded?

  • 10+ college scholarships for SHS seniors totaling over $5000 every year

  • Digital switchboard & high-definition camera for SHS Media Production

  • Wireless headsets & set building materials for SHS Theatre

  • Power tools, wide-angle camera lenses & stop motion animation software for SHS Art

  • Building materials for outdoor kiln at SHS

  • Master classes, digital piano rentals & senior award plaque engraving for SHS Music

  • Travel expenses for SHS & SMS Band, Orchestra & Choir festivals

  • Professional mentors for SHS & SMS Orchestras

  • Instrument travel cases for 8th Grade Band & Orchestra performances in Washington D.C.

  • Pit orchestra musicians for SMS musicals

  • Color printer, pottery wheels & kiln for SMS Art

  • Specialized art supplies & art resource subscription for Heights Art

  • Bucket drums & accompanying curriculum for Heights & East Music

  • MusicPlayOnline subscription for Heights & East Music

  • Piano repair for Cottage St Music

  • Wireless microphones & sound mixer for Cottage St Broadway Cougars

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